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  • The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority is responsible for a nationwide network of 33 stations that continuously measure background radiation levels and has also currently five air filter sample stations located at various sites throug…

  • Nuclear preparedness in Norway is in large based on the experiences and learning outcomes from the Chernobyl-accident of 1986, regarded as the most significant nuclear accident affecting Norway.

  • The Norwegian nuclear preparedness is organized around the Crisis Committee for Nuclear Preparedness. The Crisis Committee consists of representatives from key government offices, who have a special responsibility for a sector in the management of a …

  • Notification


    The Norwegian radiation protection authority is the national and international warning point for nuclear and radiological incidents, and has a 24/7-operated telephone number +47 67 16 26 00.

  • Threat level


    NRPA has been appointed by the Norwegian government to ensure preparedness for six different scenarios: