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Solarium models
Solarium lamps

The following lamps can be used in selected solarium models. 

Replacement lamps can be used in all approved solarium models in Norway.
Click the lamp name to see in which solarium models the lamps are allowed.
Click the column headings to sort by lamp code or power.
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Lamp nameLamp codePower
Alisun Bright Performance High Intensive R 100W / 176cm 3507600, 100-R-27/2,7100/144100 
Alpha Sun AR3-28-100W100/38/A100 
Alpha Sun AS2-17-100W100/37100 
Bellarium SA 1-10-100W100/10100 
Bellarium-S SA1-12-100W100/29100 
Bermuda Gold 100WR (NB! ikke made in EC)100/57100 
Bermuda Gold Advantage 100W100/61100 
Bermuda Gold Star R 100W100/73100 
Body Soft 10B 100W S reflector L100/62100 
Body Soft 212B-100W, RRS Reflector, L100/72100 
Body Soft 410B Security Lamps G3 100W (200370)100/134100Erstatningsrør
Bodysoft 112/100W RS Reflector100/65/B100 
Brilliant Sun plus 10122/100W100/44/B100Erstatningsrør
Brilliant Sun Plus UVA-12-100W100/44/A100Erstatningsrør = Wolff Brilliant Sun Plus UVA-12-100W
Brilliant Sun R plus 15146/100W100/47/B100 
Brilliant Sun Reflector Plus UVA-12-100W100/47/A100 
Brun og blid 100W (Art.nr. 730500, tidl. 706390)100/20/B100 
Brun og blid Super Plus 100W (Art.nr. 730516, tidl. 706395)100/64/B100Erstatningsrør.
Cosmedico Brilliant Sun R Intensive 100W, art.no 15721/15521100/60100 
Cosmedico Brilliant Sun R XT plus 100W, art.no 15756/15156100/88100 
Cosmedico Brilliant Sun XT plus 100W, art.nr 10552/10152100/83100Erstatningsrør
Cosmedico Cosmolux RA Plus UVA A1-100W100/45/B100 
Cosmedico Cosmolux RS 100W, art.no 15740/15540100/33/B100 
Cosmedico Cosmolux X 100W, art.nr 10574/10174100/95100Erstatningsrør
Cosmedico Cosmolux/Cosmofit CS 100W, art.nr 10575/10576/10175100/39/B100 
Cosmedico Cosmolux/Cosmofit RA plus 100W, art.no 15500/15700/15766100/45/C100 
Cosmedico Cosmolux/Cosmofit RCS 100W, art.no 15710/15510/15542100/34/D100 
Cosmedico Cosmolux/Cosmofit UVA plus 100W, art.no 10510/10512/10200100/13/C100Erstatningsrør
Cosmedico Goldarium SR 100W100/D100Dette røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller
Cosmedico Safe Tan 15781/RA 100W100/140100 
Cosmedico Safe Tan 15782/RA plus 100W100/141100 
Cosmolux 100W/UV-A / UVA A1-11-100W100/28100Erstatningsrør
Cosmolux CS pink 17320/100W100/71100 
Cosmolux CS XA1-12-100W /CS XA3-12-100W100/39/A100 
Cosmolux Professional 10900/100W100/59100 
Cosmolux R EA1-14-100W100/46100 
Cosmolux RCS 15112/100W100/34/C100 
Cosmolux RCS XA1-15-100W100/34/B100 
Cosmolux RS EA1-15-100W100/33/A100 
Cosmolux S 12320/100W100/58100 
Cosmolux UVA A1-11-100W100/13/B100Erstatningsrør
Cosmolux-R EA 1-11-100W / R100/21100Utgår
Cosmolux-RA A1-14-100W100/32100 
Cosmolux-S CA1-12-100W100/27100 
Cosmostar longlife 100W100/A100Dette røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller
Danform Wonderlight UVA 100W 10184100/13/D100Erstatningsrør
Danform/Denform Wonderlight 100W/reflector100/51100 
Danform/Denform Wonderlight plus 100W/Reflector100/48100 
Dr. Kern ER Reflector 100W100/93100 
Dr. Kern Excellent ER 100W100/94100 
Ergoline Efficient Tan Plus R 100W Super Power. Kun rør merket C-12664 eller 12664-00. Ikke D-merket100/105100 
Ergoline Efficient Tan Super Power 100W, JK-Nr. 12388100/100/A100Erstatningsrør, reflektorrør
Ergoline Profi R100/15/B100 
Ergoline Super Power R 100W / Soltron Super Power R 100W100/23/E100 
Ergoline Super Power RS 100W100/B100Dette røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller
Ergoline Superpower 100W100/2/D100Erstatningsrør
Ergoline Trend E13 100W, JK-Nr. 1504535100/135100 
Ergoline Trend E13 2.0m 100W, JK-Nr. 1504537100/136100 
Ergoline Trend E2 100W JK-Nr. 1003890100/117100 
Ergoline Trend E3 100W, JK-Nr. 1004343-00100/121100 
Ergoline Trend E6 100W JK-Nr. 1003886, 100-R-27/3,1100/155100 
Ergoline Trend E7 100W, JK-Nr. D-1007020-00100/128100Erstatningsrør, reflektorrør
ERS Sol Plus AR3-28-100W100/38/B100 
Eteson R 100W G100/45/D100 
Euro Sun S3 ES3-71-100W (Made in USA)100/E100Dette røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller
Eurosun S3 ES3-71-100W (NB! Bare made in Germany)100/54100 
Eurosun S3R ER3-71-100W100/55100 
Globalux N A1-11-100W100/40100Erstatningsrør
Globalux N A3-11-100W100/41100Erstatningsrør
Globalux R A3-14-100W / RN1-11-100W / R A3-14-100W100/31100 
Globalux S SA1-12-100W / SA3-12-100W100/30100 
Goldarium 100W100/49100 
Heliotec Super Tan 100W100/81100 
Heliotec Super Tan R 100W100/82100 
Heraeus Original Hanau Classics 100 XS 100W 45006667100/96100Erstatningsrør
Heraeus Original Hanau Magic Sun OH M 07/100R 100W 80015428100/92100 
Heraeus Original Hanau New Colors 07/100 R 100W 45006506100/85100 
Heraeus Original Hanau New Colors 100 HCX R 100W 45007554100/84100 
JK Ergoline UVA 100W100/2/C100Erstatningsrør
JK Ergoline UVA 100WR100/23/B100 
Klafs-Sonne K11-100W W.S.100/8100 
Maxlight 100W CE III, Art.nr. 12794, 100-O-15/2,6100/154100 
Maxlight 100W-R / Maxlight 100W-R CE III100/111/A100 
Maxlight 80-180W-R IP Control CE III100/120100 
Maxlight L 100W CE III, Art. nr. 12804, 100-O-17/3,0100/153100 
Maxlight L 100W-R / Maxlight L 100W-R CE III100/110100 
Maxlight XL 80-180W-R IP Control CE III100/119100 
Megasun R 1806 100W / R 1806 100W III / Ultimate III (dual use) 100 (Art.nr. 3230071600, 3230076000)100/116100 
Megasun Super N 100W100/107100Røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller i Norge.
Megasun Super R 15502/100W / Megasun Ultimate III 100 CPI Energy (Art.nr. 3230070000, 3230076050)100/87100Røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller i Norge.
Megasun Ultimate III 100_1 dual use 1861 R 100W (3230076005), 100-R-20/2,4100/142100 
New Technology Energy TX R Soft Sun 100W100/65/A100 
New Technology Energy TXN Soft Sun 100W100/77100Erstatningsrør
New Technology Energy TXR 100W made in EC100/66100 
New Technology Independence R Long Life Soft Sun 100W100/86100 
New Technology Max Warp 800 X-press 0.3 100W R 208311, 100-R-22/2,5100/146100 
New Technology Max Warp 800 X-Tend 0.3 100WR 208310, 100-R-19/2,3100/148100 
New Technology Max Warp Typ3 100W100/109100 
New Technology Phase I 100W (204051)100/131100Røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller i Norge.
New Technology Phase Soft 100W (204050)100/130100 
New Technology Warp Typ3 100W100/108100Erstatningsrør, reflektorrør
Osram Eversun L100W/79100/14100Erstatningsrør
Philips Cleo Effect 89W (kun Made in Holland)100/67100Erstatningsrør
Philips Cleo Effect 89W-R (kun Made in Holland)100/68/A100 
Philips Cleo Effect 90W (kun Made in Holland)100/2/F100Erstatningsrør
Philips Cleo Effect 90W-R (kun Made in Holland)100/68/B100 
Philips Cleo Performance 100W-R / Philips Performance 100W-R (kun Made in Holland)100/23/G100 
Philips Cleo Performance 100W-S / Philips Performance 100W-S (kun Made in Holland)100/79100Erstatningsrør
Philips Cleo Performance 100W-S-R / Philips Performance 100W-S-R (kun Made in Holland)100/80100 
Philips Cleo Performance/ Cleo Performance by Isolde 100W-R F71T12 Made in Germany, 100-R-29/2,4100/143100 
Philips Cleo Professional 100W-SR / Philips Professional 100W-SR (kun Made in Holland)100/F100Dette røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller
Philips Cleo R-UVA 100W (kun Made in Holland)100/23/C100 
Philips Cleo R-UVA 100W Performance (kun Made in Holland)100/23/D100 
Philips Cleo UVA 100W (kun Made in Holland)100/2/B100Erstatningsrør
Philips Cleo UVA 100W Performance / Philips Cleo Performance 100W (kun Made in Holland)100/2/E100Erstatningsrør
Philips R-UVA TL 85-100W/09R (kun Made in Holland)100/23/A100 
Philips TL 100W professional / Philips Cleo Professional 100W (kun Made in Holland)100/43100 
Philips TL 100W professional R / Philips Cleo Professional 100W-R (kun Made in Holland)100/42/A100 
Philips TL100W/10R (kun Made in Holland)100/15/A100 
Philips TL-85-100W/09N (kun Made in Holland)100/2/A100Erstatningsrør
Powertan New Dimension Natural Sun SR.XL. Plus 100W100/99100Dette røret er ikke tillatt brukt. Erstattet av 100/103, Powertan New Dimension Natural Sun SR.XL.plus 100W ®.
Powertan New Dimension Natural Sun SR.XL.plus 100W ®100/103100 
Powertan New Dimension Soft Sun SN.XL 100W (A076)100/101100 
Powertan New Dimension Soft Sun SR.XL 100W100/98100Dette røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller
Powertan New Dimension Soft Sun SR.XL 100W ®100/102100Dette røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller
Powertan New Impression Beauty Sun Typ III VHO-R 100W100/124100Erstatningsrør
Powertan New Impression Instant Sun Typ III VHO-R 100W100/125100Erstatningsrør
Powertan New Impression Max Sun Typ III VHO-R 100W100/127100Erstatningsrør
Powertan New Impression Smart Sun Typ III VHO-R 100W100/132100Røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller i Norge.
Powertan New Impression Uni Sun Typ III VHO-R 100W100/133100Erstatningsrør
Powertan New Impression Vita Sun Typ III VHO-R 100W100/126100Erstatningsrør
ProTan CR 100W100/74100 
Riho 100W100/6100 
Royco Super R 100W100/23/F100 
Royco Super SR 100W100/42/B100 
Solana Energy R R-UVA 100W100/G100Dette røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller. Finnes i to utgaver: "Made in Germany" og "Made in EC"
Solana Good Life R UVA 100W100/53100 
Solana Good Life UVA 100W100/52100 
Solana UV-A 09 100W100/7100Erstatningsrør
Soltron 100WR100/26100 
Soltron Efficient Tan Plus R 100W Super Power. Kun rør merket C-12665 eller 12665-00. Ikke D-merket100/106100 
Soltron Efficient Tan Super Power 100W, JK-Nr. 12390100/100/B100Erstatningsrør, reflektorrør
Soltron Trend E13 100W, JK-Nr. 1504536100/137100 
Soltron Trend E13 2.0m 100W, JK-Nr. 1504538100/138100 
Soltron Trend E2 100W JK-Nr. 1003891100/118100 
Soltron Trend E3 100W, JK-Nr. 1004344-00100/122100 
Soltron Trend E7 100W, JK-Nr. D-1007019-00100/129100Erstatningsrør, reflektorrør
Soltron UVA 100W100/11100 
Sontegra International SL2 100W100/25100Erstatningsrør
Sunal Profi Sun UVA-W1-100W100/18100 
Sunfit X3 100W100/114100 
Sunfit-02F75 / 100W UV 1100/5100 
Suvarium Profi High Power 100W100/76100Erstatningsrør
Suveren UVM-037-1A F100W100/78100 
T3 Performance High Intensive R 100W / 176cm 3507650, 100-R-27/2,7100/147100 
ultimate 1861 R 100W (3230076005), 100-R-19/2,3100/152100 
Ultra Tan High Power XR 800-100W (5177-18N)100/115100 
Ultra Tan International AB Standard S 500-100W100/35100 
Ultra Tan International AB XR 600-100W100/36100 
Ultra Tan X 600 100W100/123100Erstatningsrør
Ultra Tan XR 600 100W (5232-18), 100-R-22/2,2100/150100 
Ultra Tan XR 800N High Power - 100W (5227-18), 100-R-22/2,5100/149100 
Ultra XR 100100/22100 
UWE Bronzarium 100WR UVA P1100/15/C100 
UWE Bronzarium RA Plus UVA A1-100W100/45/A100 
UWE Bronzarium RCS XA1-15-100W100/34/A100 
UWE Bronzarium UVA P1 100W100/1/B100Erstatningsrør = UWE Bronzarium warmlight 100W
UWE Bronzarium warmlight 100W100/1/A100Erstatningsrør
UWE LeXtra Beauty 100W (A178)100/104100 
UWE LeXtra Safelight 100W100/139100 
UWE LeXtra SafeLight Lamp 100W 272692, 100-R-30/3,6100/145100 
Wolff 100W Fit-Sonne DA1-710100/12100Erstatningsrør
Wolff Crystal Sun L DA1-760-100W100/50100Erstatningsrør
Wolff Crystal Sun S DA1-763-100W100/C100Dette røret er ikke tillatt brukt i noen solariemodeller
Wolff Fit Sonne Super LO 730-100W100/16100 
Wolff Fitnesstju:b WS R1 100W 210010/7203018100/34/E100 
Wolff Gold Sonne G1-10-100W100/19100 
Wolff Gold Sonne RS G2-10-100W / Wolff Gold Sun RS G2-10-100W (Art.nr. 730001, tidl. 745100)100/20/A100 
Wolff Gold Sun RSR GR2-12-100W100/69100 
Wolff Life Sun S LS1-722-100W100/24100 
Wolff Rapid Sonne DA1-722-100W100/17100 
Wolff Relarium RA1-11-100W100/3100 
Wolff Solarium A1-11-100W100/13/A100Erstatningsrør
Wolff Solarium Plus A1-12-100W (Art.nr. 730100, tidl. 704100)100/75100Erstatningsrør
Wolff Solarium Plus R R1-12-100W / Relax(tju:b) WS R 100W (Art.nr. 730102, tidl. 710100)100/45/E100 
Wolff Solarium Super plus 730103-100W (Tidl. art.nr. 070435, 079736, 704350)100/64/A100Erstatningsrør.
Wolff Solarium Super Plus R 704200-100W (Tidl. art.nr 070420)100/90100 
Wolff Solarium Super Profi 100W100/56100 
Wolff Sonne DA1-10-100W / DA1-710-100W100/4100 
Wolff Super Profi 100W100/63100 
Wolff System Bling 100W R (Art.nr. 730517 eller 730519)100/111/B100Både Made in Germany og Made in Canada-rør er ok.
Wolff System Bling 2012 100W R (Art. nr. 30189), 100-R-19/2,3100/151100