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Model specification for
Alisun 434F
21 October 2014

ModelRegistration no.Producer 
Alisun 434FM5311-571Alisun BV 
Comment (in Norwegian)
100W ballast i overdel og benk samt 3x80W i ansikt. Akrylplate Plexiglas 2458 3mm clear i overdel og PMMA UV/D 5mm clear i benk. Filter ansikt: White filter 316 UV-7-W og Blue filter UVA/B-30/P. Identisk med SunVision 348.
DistributorAddressPost no.City
Solar ASPb 1110 (Kornsiloveien 58 A)2305Hamar

List of equivalency code ranges and high pressure lamps which satisfied the UV type 3 requirements when the solarium model was measured and classified, or which are considered to be weak enough to give UV type 3 in all allowed solarium models that have not been re-measured and classified with tubes with equivalency code.

The solarium model may use all tubes with equivalency code within the given range for each part of the solarium.

Models not re-measured with tubes with equivalency code have been given equivalency code ranges based on available information for the model (previously classified as UV type 3 with tubes with or without reflector, short tubes in separate part of the solarium or in combination with the long tubes etc.). Please contact us if a model may have got the wrong equivalency code range.
Position#Equivalency code range/Lamp name
Overdel18 x100-R-(20-27)/(2,3-3,1) 
Overdel+ 3 xHigh Pressure Ariana N250 (350811) 
Benk16 x120-R-(23-31)/(2,6-3,6)