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Model specification for
Luxura X3 26 SLi
4 July 2015

ModelRegistration no.Producer 
Luxura X3 26 SLiGT09-524Hapro International B.V. 
Comment (in Norwegian)
Akryl: 3 mm i overdel, 4 mm i benk. Ansikt: filter Uvisol 3 mm + Diamant 4 mm og 300W ballast. 100W ballast for 80W rør. Modellen er ikke målt opp med rør med ekvivalenskode, og ekvivalenskodeintervallene nedenfor må derfor benyttes.
DistributorAddressPost no.City
Norsk Solariumservice A/SBjorøygården5353Straume

List of equivalency code ranges and high pressure lamps which satisfied the UV type 3 requirements when the solarium model was measured and classified, or which are considered to be weak enough to give UV type 3 in all allowed solarium models that have not been re-measured and classified with tubes with equivalency code.

Models not re-measured with tubes with equivalency code have been given equivalency code ranges based on available information for the model (previously classified as UV type 3 with tubes with or without reflector, short tubes in separate part of the solarium or in combination with the long tubes etc.). Please contact us if a model may have got the wrong equivalency code range.

The solarium model may use all tubes with equivalency code within the given range for each part of the solarium.
Position#Equivalency code range/Lamp name
Overdel10 x100-R-(14-20)/(1,6-2,3) 
Overdel+ 4 x80-R-(14-20)/(1,6-2,3) 
Overdel+ 1 xPhilips CLEO HPA 400/30S 
Overdelel. 1 xMaxlight HP 400W (Lampen har kode 9280777060 44. Lampesokkelen er merket med "Maxlight HP 400W D") 
Overdelel. 1 xBLING 400W (Lampen har kode 9280777060 66) 
Benk12 x100-R-(14-20)/(1,6-2,3)