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Model specification for
Soltron XL-70 Twin Power
26 July 2016

ModelRegistration no.Producer 
Soltron XL-70 Twin PowerGT05-457Ergoline GmbH 
Comment (in Norwegian)
Akrylplater: 8 + 3 mm i overdel og skulder, 8 mm i benk. Modellen er opprinnelig godkjent med 100W-rør i benk, ekvivalenskodeintervallene for uoppmålte modeller i alt. 2 er derfor beholdt.
DistributorAddressPost no.City
Winner International ASPb 1083061Svelvik

List of equivalency code ranges and high pressure lamps which satisfied the UV type 3 requirements when the solarium model was measured and classified, or which are considered to be weak enough to give UV type 3 in all allowed solarium models that have not been re-measured and classified with tubes with equivalency code.

Models not re-measured with tubes with equivalency code have been given equivalency code ranges based on available information for the model (previously classified as UV type 3 with tubes with or without reflector, short tubes in separate part of the solarium or in combination with the long tubes etc.). Please contact us if a model may have got the wrong equivalency code range.

The solarium model may use all tubes with equivalency code within the given range for each part of the solarium. For this model there are alternative equivalency code range and lamp combinations so check the spesification thoroughly. All tubes and lamps must be chosen from the same alternative.
Position#Equivalency code range/Lamp name
Overdel32 x160-R-(19-25)/(2,6-3,5) 
Overdel+ 4 xSUN2 T1 300-500W GY9.5 (Art.Nr. AS 350816, Art.Nr. UT 526018)Ballast 520 W
Benk19 x160-R-(19-25)/(2,6-3,5)Ballast 120 W
Skulder7 x25-O-(9-12)/(3,3-4,5) 

Position#Equivalency code range/Lamp name, alternative 2
Overdel32 x160-R-(14-20)/(1,5-2,3) 
Overdel+ 4 xErgoline/Soltron/Philips Ultra 500W JK-Nr. 11292 / Cosmedico E 500 GY9.5 - 24006Ballast 520 W
Benk19 x100-R-(14-20)/(1,6-2,3)Ballast 120 W
Skulder7 x25-O-(9-15)/(1,9-3,2)