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Model specification for
Targa CPS
16 April 2014

ModelRegistration no.Equivalence code intervalProducer 
Targa CPSGT05-447 uwe light GmbHTidl. Unterwasser Electric GmbH & Co KG (UWE)
Comment (in Norwegian)
UV type 3. Oppdatert 12/8-2005.
DistributorAddressPost no.City
Borepa solarium og velværePostboks 117510Skatval

The list shows UV sources (fluorescent lamps and high-pressure lamps) which satisfied the UV type 3 requirements when the tanning model was measured and classified. Replacement lamps may also be used. If the model has an equivalence code interval, fluorescent lamps with equivalence code within the given interval can also be used. Click the column headings to sort by lamp name or lamp code.
Position#Lamp codeLamp name
Overdel14 x120/5Alisun Goldsun XT 190 Intensive 120W (12504) 
Overdelel. 14 x120/7Cosmedico Cosmolux XT 1.9M 120W (12506) 
Overdelel. 14 x120/18ABP Intensive 120W/190 3507506 
Overdel+ 5 x36/2/AUVA 009-7-36 (pink) 
Overdelel. 5 x36/2/BCosmedico Brilliant Sun S.I.S. pink 10745/36W 
Overdelel. 5 x36/3Cosmedico Cosmolux Compact 36W (10746) 
Benk14 x120/5Alisun Goldsun XT 190 Intensive 120W (12504) 
Benkel. 14 x120/7Cosmedico Cosmolux XT 1.9M 120W (12506) 
Benkel. 14 x120/18ABP Intensive 120W/190 3507506