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Model specification for
Allura 14 Face
SunVision 140 canopy
SunVision 14F-canopy
19 April 2014

ModelRegistration no.Equivalence code intervalProducer 
Allura 14 Face95-290 Alisun BV 
SunVision 140 canopy95-290 Alisun BV 
SunVision 14F-canopy95-290 Alisun BV 
Comment (in Norwegian)
UV type 3.
UV type 3.
UV type 3.
DistributorAddressPost no.City
Solar ASPb 1110 (Kornsiloveien 58 A)2305Hamar

The list shows UV sources (fluorescent lamps and high-pressure lamps) which satisfied the UV type 3 requirements when the tanning model was measured and classified. Replacement lamps may also be used. If the model has an equivalence code interval, fluorescent lamps with equivalence code within the given interval can also be used. Click the column headings to sort by lamp name or lamp code.
Position#Lamp codeLamp name
Overdel14 x100/6Riho 100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/34/AUWE Bronzarium RCS XA1-15-100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/34/BCosmolux RCS XA1-15-100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/34/CCosmolux RCS 15112/100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/34/DCosmedico Cosmolux/Cosmofit RCS 100W, art.no 15710/15510/15542 
Overdelel. 14 x100/34/EWolff Fitnesstju:b WS R1 100W 210010/7203018 
Overdelel. 14 x100/44/ABrilliant Sun Plus UVA-12-100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/44/BBrilliant Sun plus 10122/100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/45/AUWE Bronzarium RA Plus UVA A1-100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/45/BCosmedico Cosmolux RA Plus UVA A1-100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/45/CCosmedico Cosmolux/Cosmofit RA plus 100W, art.no 15500/15700/15766 
Overdelel. 14 x100/45/DEteson R 100W G 
Overdelel. 14 x100/45/EWolff Solarium Plus R R1-12-100W / Relax(tju:b) WS R 100W (Art.nr. 730102, tidl. 710100) 
Overdelel. 14 x100/57Bermuda Gold 100WR (NB! ikke made in EC) 
Overdelel. 14 x100/58Cosmolux S 12320/100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/59Cosmolux Professional 10900/100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/62Body Soft 10B 100W S reflector L 
Overdelel. 14 x100/65/ANew Technology Energy TX R Soft Sun 100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/65/BBodysoft 112/100W RS Reflector 
Overdelel. 14 x100/66New Technology Energy TXR 100W made in EC 
Overdelel. 14 x100/69Wolff Gold Sun RSR GR2-12-100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/72Body Soft 212B-100W, RRS Reflector, L 
Overdelel. 14 x100/74ProTan CR 100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/84Heraeus Original Hanau New Colors 100 HCX R 100W 45007554 
Overdelel. 14 x100/85Heraeus Original Hanau New Colors 07/100 R 100W 45006506 
Overdelel. 14 x100/86New Technology Independence R Long Life Soft Sun 100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/88Cosmedico Brilliant Sun R XT plus 100W, art.no 15756/15156 
Overdelel. 14 x100/92Heraeus Original Hanau Magic Sun OH M 07/100R 100W 80015428 
Overdelel. 14 x100/103Powertan New Dimension Natural Sun SR.XL.plus 100W ® 
Overdelel. 14 x100/109New Technology Max Warp Typ3 100W 
Overdelel. 14 x100/116Megasun R 1806 100W / R 1806 100W III / Ultimate III (dual use) 100 (Art.nr. 3230071600, 3230076000) 
Overdelel. 14 x100/130New Technology Phase Soft 100W (204050) 
Overdelel. 14 x120/9Megasun R 120W / Megasun Ultimate III 120 (Art.nr. 3230071610, 3230076010) 
Overdel+ 1 x400/4Philips CLEO HPA 400/30S 
Overdelel. 1 x400/20Maxlight HP 400W (Lampen har kode 9280777060 44. Lampesokkelen er merket med "Maxlight HP 400W D") 
Overdelel. 1 x400/22BLING 400W (Lampen har kode 9280777060 66)