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Welcome to NRPA's solarium list!

On these pages you will find a detailed overview of all solarium models registered at the NRPA. Solarium models not listed on these pages are not allowed to sell, rent out or use. Only UV type 3 models are allowed for cosmetic use in Norway, and those who offer solarium are responsible to ensure that these requirements are fulfilled.

Those who offer solarium to customers are at all times responsible for ensuring that the radiation is not too high, no matter what reason. If inspections show that the radiation from a solarium model exceeds the UV type 3 requirements, the sunstudio must correct the errors and document that the solarium model again is UV type 3. Solarium models and lamp combinations found not to satisfy UV type 3 will be removed from the lists. Information about changes will be published on this page.

Regarding equivalency coding in Norway
From 1 May 2014 only solarium tubes with equivalency code are allowed to use, and all solariums must have one or more equivalency code ranges. The solarium models in our list are therefore now only specified with equivalency code ranges, high pressure lamp names and necessary ballasts, filters etc. See page Equivalence coding of fluorescent solarium lamps and StrålevernInfo 3:2014 "Ekvivalenskoding -en ny måte å angi tillatte rørtyper på" (in Norwegian only) for more information.

Models not re-measured with tubes with equivalency code have been given equivalency code ranges based on available information for the model (previously classified as UV type 3 with tubes with or without reflector, short tubes in separate part of the solarium or in combination with the long tubes etc.). These ranges are based on week lamps, predefined by NRPA and known to give UV type 3 in all accepted models, and are as follows:

“Short” tubes used in combination with other tubes:

   Wattage-O-(2-3)/(0,9-1,2) I.e. the UV code range is the same for all wattages (9, 15, 25, 36, 55W etc)

All other tubes (used alone or in combination with the “short” tubes above):

Tubes without reflector:
   Wattage-O-(9-15)/(1,9-3,2) I.e. the UV code range is the same for all wattages

Tubes with reflector:
   Wattage-R-(14-20)/(1,6-2,3) I.e. the UV code range is the same for all wattages

Producers/distributors/owners wanting other/stronger tubes in their solarium models, and which have not already got an equivalency code range, are kindly asked to send a notification (one for each model) including all required attachements (see page 3 in the notification form) to the NRPA as soon as possible. The notification form is found on NRPA's website: http://www.nrpa.no

If you find or suspect that a model have got wrong equivalency code ranges or other specifications, please contact us.

Please notice that changes are still made to the specifications for some of the solarium models. Equivalency code ranges given to models not remeasured (see information about this below) will be removed from the spesifications for the model as soon as it has been remeasured and given new equivalency code ranges. Please contact us if you have questions about this.

15 April     The solarium model Ultra Tan M45 is updated with new equivalency code ranges, and some of the equivalency code ranges for Ergoline Evoultion 500 Turbo Power are changed, due to a mistake with the registration earlier.
26 March     The solarium model Soltron M-50 Super Basic/Soltron M-50 Super Power is updated with new equivalency code ranges and facial lamp.
11 March     The solarium models Soltron L-65 Dynamic Power and Soltron M-60 Super Power are updated with new equivalency code ranges and HP-lamps.
10 March     The solarium models uwe iBed Xtt and uwe Lotus Zen are updated with new equivalency code ranges and HP-lamps.
04 March     The solarium models Soltron XS-40 Super Power and Soltron S-55 Twin Power are updated with new equivalency code ranges and facial lamp, and Soltron Big Apple V-55 Turbo Power is updated with a new equivalency code range.

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