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Welcome to NRPA's solarium list!

On these pages you will find a detailed overview of all tanning models registered at the NRPA. Tanning models not listed on these pages are not allowed to sell, rent out or use. Only UV type 3 models are allowed for cosmetic use in Norway, and those who offer tanning are responsible to ensure that these requirements are fulfilled.

Those who offer tanning to customers are at all times responsible for ensuring that the radiation is not too high, no matter what reason. If inspections show that the radiation from a tanning model exceeds the UV type 3 requirements, the sunstudio must correct the errors and document that the tanning model again is UV type 3. Tanning models and lamp combinations found not to satisfy UV type 3 will be removed from the lists. Information about changes will be published on this page.
How to use this page:
Select Solarium models from the menu to search for solarium models with UV sources.
Select Solarium lamps from the menu to find a specific UV source or the tanning models a given source can be used in. From the menu option Find sun lamp you can find replacement lamps that can be used in all listed solarium models.
Tanning models that have an equivalence code interval in the comment field, you can also use all fluorescent lamps with equivalence code within the given interval, see the page Equivalence coding of fluorescent solarium lamps for more information.
Revised Regulations on Radiation Protection and Use of Radiation from 1 January 2011
18-year age limit and trained staff in every tanning studio

Regarding equivalency code intervals for solariums in Norway
From the 1st of May this year all solarium models in Norway, old and new, must have gotten an equivalency code interval.

Solarium models not measured with tubes with equivalency code before this date, will be given an equivalency code interval based on week lamps, predefined by NRPA and known to give UV type 3 in all accepted models.

The equivalency code intervals for solariums with these predefined and week lamps are as follows:

“Short” tubes used in combination with other tubes:

   Wattage-O-(2-3)/(0,9-1,2) I.e. the UV code intervall is the same for all wattages (9, 15, 25, 36, 55W etc)

All other tubes (used alone or in combination with the “short” tubes above):

Tubes without reflector:
   Wattage-O-(9-15)/(1,9-3,2) I.e. the UV code interval is the same for all wattages

Tubes with reflector:
   Wattage-R-(14-20)/(1,6-2,3) I.e. the UV code interval is the same for all wattages

Producers/distributors/owners wanting other/stronger tubes in their solarium models, and which have not already got an equivalency code interval, are kindly asked to send a notification (one for each model) including all required attachements (see page 3 in the notification form) to the NRPA as soon as possible and before the 1st of May. The notification form is found on NRPA's website: http://www.nrpa.no

Regarding fluorescent lamps and equivalency code until the 1st of May 2014
Today all fluorescent solarium lamps on the market are marked with an equivalency code, and all new solarium models have got an equivalency code range. From the 1st of May 2014 all solarium models must have gotten such a range. Until that date the NRPA will keep the lists of accepted lamps for the different models unchanged. None of the lamps in these lists have an equivalency code, and neither will such codes be added. Thus buyers and vendors of lamps, and local municipality inspectors, are confronted with a dilemma.

To solve this problem, the NRPA have decided that we, until the 1st of May 2014, accept the use of lamps marked with an equivalency code as long as the lamp name is identical to the name specified in our lists for the model in question, and as long as no measurements or anything else indicate that the UV type 3 requirement is not fulfilled. If a lamp is found to be too strong, it will immediately be removed from our lists without further notice.

Please be aware that we have seen examples of lamps with identical lamp names being marked with different equivalency codes, so pay attention and do not replace lamps uncritically even though the lamp name is correct.
12 March     The solarium models Ergoline Inspiration 500 Smart Performance Dynamic Power and Ergoline Inspiration 600 Dynamic Performance are allowed to use.
11 March     The solarium models Ergoline Prestige 1000/1200/1400 Intelligent Performance are allowed to use.
27 February     The solarium models Hapro Topaz 24/1 Combi and Hapro Topaz 10 V are allowed to use.
30 January     The solarium models Soltron XXL-110 Blueberry Blues Dynamic Power and Megasun Tower Optima are allowed to use.

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