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Press contacts

Press Contact: +47 67 16 26 60

Ole Harbitz

Director General Ole Harbitz
Head of the Crisis Committee for Nuclear Preparedness

E-mail: ole.harbitz@nrpa.no

Per Strand

Director Per Strand
Department of Nuclear Safety and Environmental Radioactivity

E-mail: per.strand@nrpa.no

Hanne Kofstadmoen

Director Hanne Kofstadmoen
Department of Radiation Applications

E-mail: hanne.kofstadmoen@nrpa.no

Unn Hilde Refseth

Director Unn Hilde Refseth
Department of Monitoring and Research

E-mail: unn.hilde.refseth@nrpa.no

Martin Høiby

Director Martin Høiby
Department for Planning and Administration

E-mail: martin.hoiby@nrpa.no

Anne Marit Skjold

Head of communication
Anne Marit Skjold

E-mail: anne.marit.skjold@nrpa.no