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Norwegian sunbed regulations

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) is the public authority responsible for the approval and use of artificial tanning devices in Norway.

NRPA’s authority is vested in Legal Statute 36 and the accompanying regulation no. 1380 concerning radiation protection and use of radiation. These regulations entered into force on January 1, 2011.

Obligation to report and approval
The regulations require that all enterprises engaged in the use or sale of artificial tanning appliances and devices, including equipment dealers and owners of tanning salons, must be registered with NRPA. Official forms to register activities entailing the use of artificial tanning appliances and application blanks for purposes of authorisation and certification are available from NRPA.

Approved tanning appliances
Only UV type 3 classified appliances, and that are approved by NRPA, are approved for cosmetic use in Norway. Sunbed models that were authorised under earlier regulations, but lack current UV type 3 certification, are no longer approved for use, sale or leasing.

Delegated authority to local municipalities
Government regulations provide for the authorisation of local municipalities to inspect artificial tanning appliances and sun tanning salons and to implement the necessary measures. NRPA offers special seminars for municipal inspection agencies.