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Information to sunbed dealers and importers

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) is the public authority responsible for the approval and use of artificial tanning devices in Norway.

NRPA’s authority is vested in Legal Statute 36 and the accompanying regulation no. 1380 concerning radiation protection and use of radiation. These regulations entered into force on January 1, 2011.

Regulations - short form:

  • The sunbed must be UV type 3 classified (EN 60335-2-27) and be approved by NRPA
  • The sunbed must be equipped with sun lamps and tubes according to the approval when sold or leased out
  • Apply for approval for new tanning appliances. The application sent to NRPA must include documentation confirming model classification, complete manual of instruction (including exposure schedule) and marking in Norwegian
  • Every sunbed must be marked with warning and UV type 3 stickers in Norwegian (EN 60335-2-27) and equivalency code interval (applies to new sunbed models from 1 October 2011; and to all models from 1 May 2014)
  • Every sunbed must be provided with instruction and exposure schedule (recommendations on exposure time and intervals, EN 60335-2-27) in Norwegian
  • The enterprise must register with NRPA
  • Each enterprise is responsible for providing employees with sufficient training and for developing written instructions and work procedures
  • Approved sunbeds are listed on http://www.nrpa.no/solarieliste/default_en.aspx.  Sunbed models not listed on these pages are not allowed to sell, lease out or use in Norway.

PDF  Notification of new solarium models and changes to existing models (form – pdf)