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Measuring Resources

Automatic measuring network
The NRPA has responsibility for a countrywide network of 28 stations that continuously measure the radioactivity in the surrounding areas. Data is reported to the NRPA every hour, and if high levels are registered, the personnel will be alerted via SMS. The network was established in the years following the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, and upgraded to a new and modern network in 2006.

Air Filter Stations
The NRPA has 5 air filter stations that continuously pump large amounts of air through a filter. The filters catch the radioactive substances and analyse them in a laboratory afterwards. The advantage of these stations is that they give information on how much and what type of radioactive substances are in the air. All the stations are equipped with detectors that can alert personnel if the activity in the filter exceeds the alarm limit.

Air filter station. Photo: NRPA

Mobile Units
The NRPA has mobile measuring equipment that can be placed in carriers such as planes, helicopters or cars so as to undertake the mapping of large areas. These measurement resources are a result of cooperation between The Ministry of Defence, The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), The Norwegian Institute for Air Research, and the NRPA. The Ministry of Defence, NGU and NILU all have corresponding equipment to carry out measurements in the field. The measurement equipment is first and foremost meant to be used in deciding the extent and size of a radioactive fallout after an accident, and to search for the radioactive source, but it can also be used for general environmental control.

Mobile measuring equipment can be placed in helicopters. Photo: NRPA 

The Norwegian Civil Defence Measure Patrol Service  
The Norwegian Civil Defence has 123 measuring patrols spread across the whole country. The patrols can be used for mapping radioactive fallout in their local area, search for radioactive sources and as support to the emergency agencies. In addition to the preparedness assignments, the patrols carry out permanent measuring 4 times a year to chart the background radiation in Norway.