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The Handling of Incidents

How do the NRPA handle major and minor nuclear incidents?

Major nuclear incidents
When the NRPA receives a warning of a serious nuclear incident that will have consequences in Norway or for Norwegian interests, the NRPA will alert the Nuclear Preparedness Organisation. The Crisis Committee is obliged to meet up with the NRPA within 2 hours. The Crisis Committee for Nuclear Preparedness will head the crisis management and may implement concrete measures for the population.

The Nuclear Preparedness Organisation has various measurement resources for charting and surveying the situation. The Secretariat has a decision support system for prognoses of radioactive fallout and doses affecting the population.  

The NRPA is the prime mover and organiser of the health related preparedness - centrally, regionally and locally.

Minor incidents
In the event of a less serious incident or rumour of accident, the Secretariat itself will deal with the incident and inform the Crisis Committee and Nuclear Preparedness Organisation about it.