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Authorities and industry working together on medical radiation protection

HERCA (the association of the Heads of European Radiological Protection Competent Authorities) and COCIR (the European association representing the medical imaging, electromedical and healthcare IT industry) are working together to reduce patient radiation exposure in computed tomography (CT). This work is being carried out through voluntary commitments developed by COCIR at HERCA’s initiative.
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The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority proposes to renew the license for the OECD Halden Reactor

A number of conditions for a renewed license are proposed by the NRPA. One of the prerequisites for a new license is that the on-going preventive safety work at Halden reactor is strengthened and anchored in a comprehensive management -controlled safety culture.
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Nordic countries have agreed upon joint protection guidelines for

The Nordic radiation and nuclear safety authorities have now published joint, generic guidelines for protective measures concerning population and functions of society in case of nuclear or radiological emergencies. The guidelines are agreed by authorities in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
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Vacancy: Head of Section for Research, NRPA

We are looking for a person with a PhD degree preferably within the fields of environmental toxicology, ecology, radioecology, population dynamics, nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, health physics, and some years relevant experience as a project manager of research projects.
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Exposure from mobile phones, base stations and wireless networks

basestasjonStatement by the Nordic authorities: The overall data published in the scientific literature to date do not show adverse health effects from exposure of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields below the guidelines or limits adopted in the Nordic countries. Download the statement here.

Nuclear safety cooperation between Norway and Romania under EEA and Norway Grants

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, the Romanian National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control and the International Atomic Energy Agency have entered into an agreement with the main purpose to enhance regulatory competence in Romania. The project is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2013 and will be completed in 2016.
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Sunbed use must be overseen by trained personnel

From 1 January 2014 all sunbed use in Norway must be overseen by trained personnel. Below you can read more about what the new requirement implies for your tanning salon/facility.
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Small amounts of radioactive cesium from Fukushima detected in environmental samples

Small amounts of radioactive cesium have been detected in environmental samples from Finnmark, Northern Norway that originated from the Fukushima accident in 2011.
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NRPA is organizing an international radon conference in Paris

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) and Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN, France) are organizing an international radon conference «Radon & Society – from knowledge to action» 11th and 12th of April in Paris.
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Unique nuclear cooperation gives results

Norway and Russia continue their successful cooperation in securing and removing large quantities of radioactive waste in Andreyev Bay in Russia. On Wednesday, 20 March, the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority prolonged its cooperation agreement with the Russian Ministry of Defence in this field.
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New publication: Data collection and dose reconstruction in paediatric CT

The Cancer Registry of Norway (CRN) and the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) are partners in a multinational epidemiological survey aimed to quantify the risks related to computed tomography (CT) examinations during childhood. Read the publication here.

Preliminary conclusions from the 2012 joint Russian/Norwegian Expedition to Stepovogo fjord

ROV - NRPAThe joint Russian/Norwegian expedition has fulfilled its main tasks regarding the investigation of dumped objects and the collection of environmental samples in the Stepovogo fjord area. Selected samples have already undergone preliminary analysis onboard during the expedition, while more detailed and accurate measurements will now be undertaken in Russia and Norway. A final report based on the findings of the joint Russian/Norwegian expedition will be published in the end of 2013.
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Joint Norwegian-Russian mission to investigate dumped atomic waste

A joint Norwegian-Russian mission left Kirkenes on 29. August to visit areas in the Kara Sea where spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste have been dumped. The purpose of the mission is to obtain new information about radioactive pollution and the condition of the dumped items.

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Consequenses in Norway after a hypothetical accident in Leningrad

The report describes different hypothetical accident scenarios at the Leningrad nuclear power plant for old and new reactors. For a hypothetical catastrophic accident at an old RBMK reactor, combined with a meteorological worst case scenario, the consequences in Norway could be considerable. Foodstuffs in many regions would be contaminated above the food intervention levels for radioactive cesium in Norway.

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Media’s view of the NRPA’s information function following the events in Fukushima

A report containing results from an external user survey about the NRPA’s information activities in connection with the events in Fukushima in the days after March 11th 2011.
Please download the report here.


CEEPRA - Collaboration Network on EuroArctic Environmental Radiation Protection and Research

Radiation protection in the Arctic region

The NRPA is involved in an international project, which is strengthening cross-border cooperation between the key authorities, research organisations and stakeholders in the Arctic regions of Finland, Russia and Norway.
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Consequences in Norway after a hypothetical accident at Sellafield

Selleafield (Photo: NRPA)Today NRPA publishes a report which describes the possible environmental consequences for Norway due to a hypothetical accident at the Sellafield complex in the UK.
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Seminar in Kautokeino, Norway 15-17 december 2010

Kautokeino today – 45 years of whole body measurements are coming to an end

Due to fallout from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, measurements of radioactivity in the northern Sami population started in 1965. From high values in the 1960’s and 70’s the values have now decreased to a low level comparable to the general Norwegian population. This is marked by a public seminar and a last measurement campaign in Kautokeino. The seminar is free.

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13th European ALARA Network Workshop

ALARA and the medical sector

ALARA 2011 workshopOcarsborg fortress, Norway, 7-10th June 2011.
The aim of the workshop is to consider how the ALARA principle can be effectively implemented with regard to both patient and staff exposures in diagnostic and therapeutic uses of ionising radiation. Visit the ALARA 2011 workshop homepage.

Radiation safety authorities propose a European ban on powerful laser pointers

The European Commission should ban powerful laser pointers for use by the general public. What's more, the European Union should introduce import restrictions on powerful laser pointers. These are proposals that have been forwarded by the radiation safety authorities in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
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