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Seminar in Kautokeino, Norway 15-17 december 2010

Kautokeino today – 45 years of whole body measurements are coming to an end

Due to fallout from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, measurements of radioactivity in the northern Sami population started in 1965. From high values in the 1960’s and 70’s the values have now decreased to a low level comparable to the general Norwegian population. This is marked by a public seminar and a last measurement campaign in Kautokeino. The seminar is free.

Organized in Kautokeino, Norway 15–17 December 2010

  • 15–16 December: Whole body measurements in the mobile laboratory of NRPA outside
  • 16 December: Public seminar in Norwegian and Sami (translation in English) (History,
    results, health issues, local presenters, situation in Finland)
  • 17 December: Scientific seminar (in English)

There will be interpretation in Norwegian, Sami and English.

Registration by 8 December to: Johannes Nilssen, NRPA
e-mail: johannes.nilssen@nrpa.no, tel +47 67 16 26 82

If you have questions or would like to give a presentation, please contact:
Local organiser: Johann Ingvald Hætta
(johan.ingvald.heatta@reindrift.no, tlf. +47 78 48 43 05)

Scientific organiser: Inger Margrethe H. Eikelmann
(inger.eikelmann@nrpa.no, tlf. +47 67 16 26 80)

20 rooms have been reserved at Thon Hotel Kautokeino.
Booking via phone +47 78 48 70 00, fax +47 78 48 70 01 or e-mail kautokeino@thon.no.
Please refer to NRPA (Statens strålevern) when booking. By 8 December.