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Threat Assessment

The Norwegian Nuclear Preparedness Organisation continually assesses national and international radiological hazards and risks in order to maintain an effective preparedness in the event of a nuclear incident.

Since 1945 there have been a series of serious nuclear incidents throughout the world. For example: the detonation of nuclear weapons, accidents during transportation of nuclear weapons, accidents at nuclear power plants and storage facilities for radioactive material, theft of radioactive material and crashed satellites carrying radioactive energy sources on board. The danger for Norway or Norwegian interests being affected by such incidents in the future is real, and the consequences could be considerable.

Possible threats to Norwegian interests cover:

  • Nuclear weapons
  • Norwegian research reactors
  • Foreign nuclear power plants
  • Nuclear-powered vessels
  • Plants for the production and treatment of reactor fuel or other fissile materials
  • Plants for the storage of used fuel and other radioactive waste
  • Radiation sources in use in industry, the health care system and research
  • Transportation of used fuel and other radioactive materials
  • Satellites carrying radioactive materials
  • Terror attacks involving radioactive materials