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Teknisk dokument nr. 4 - Analysis of the uniformity of mammography detectors


Utprøving av nylig utviklet programvare for analyse av detektoruniformitet i digital mammografi. Forslag til passende grenseverdier.

Protective Measures in Early and Intermediate Phases of a Nuclear or Radioalogical Emergency


The Nordic guidelines and recommendations, 2014,are given by the Nordic radiation protection and nuclear safety authorities for protective measures in early and intermediate phase of a nuclear or radiological emergency.

TMT Handbook


International Intercomparison Exercise on Natural Radiation Measurements under Field Conditions


The first intercomparison on natural radioactivity under field conditions was held in the old uranium mine of ENUSA in the municipality of Saelices el Chico (Salamanca, Spain) from 23rd to 27th of May 2011.

Nordic Intervention Criteria for Nuclear or Radiological Emergencies - Recommendations


Recommendations of the Nordic radiation protection authorities on application of international criteria in a nuclear or radiological emergency in the Nordic countries are presented.

Implementation of the obligations of the convention on nuclear safety in Norway


The second Norwegian report in accordance with Article 5 of the Convention.

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