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NRPA Report

StrålevernRapport 8:2013: Final report 2008-2012. Norwegian Support to Regulatory Authorities in Central Asia in Radioactive Waste Management.


With the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority has developed projects on a bilateral basis with the aim of assisting the regulatory bodies in Central Asian countries identify gaps in the regulatory framework and draft relevant regulatory requirements to ensure the protection of personnel, the public and the environment during the planning and conducting of remedial action with regard to past practices and measures for radioactive waste management.

StrålevernRapport 2013:6 Implementation of the IAEA Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources and its supplementary Import/Export Guidance


National Report from Norway to the IAEA International Conference on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources: Maintaining the Continuous Global Control of Sources throughout their Life Cycle, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 27–31 October 2013.

StrålevernRapport 2013:3 Dismantlement of nuclear facilities decommissioned from the Russian navy: Enhancing regulatory supervision of nuclear and radiation safety


The availability of up to date regulatory norms and standards for nuclear and radiation safety, relevant to the management of nuclear legacy situations, combined with effective and efficient regulatory procedures for licensing and monitoring compliance, are considered to be extremely important. Accordingly the NRPA has set up regulatory cooperation programs with corresponding authorities in the Russian Federation. Cooperation began with the civilian regulatory authorities and was more recently extended to include the military authority and this joint cooperation supposed to develop the regulatory documents to improve supervision over nuclear and radiation safety while managing the nuclear military legacy facilities in Northwest Russia and other regions of the country.

StrålevernRapport 2012:10 Radioactivity in the Marine Environment 2010


In 2010, samples of sea water, sediment, and biota were collected in the Barents Sea, the North Sea, the Skagerrak and at a number of coastal stations and fjords. Data on radioactivity levels and trends in these areas are summarised in this report.

StrålevernRapport 2012:4 Potential consequences in Norway after a hypothetical accident at Leningrad nuclear power plant


The report describes different hypothetical accident scenarios at the Leningrad nuclear power plant for both RBMK and VVER-1200 reactors. The estimated release is combined with different meteorological scenarios to predict possible fallout of radioactive substances in Norway.

StrålevernRapport 2012:3 Polonium-210 and other radionuclides in terrestrial, freshwater and brackish environments


This report summarises some of the key findings from the activity of filling knowledge gaps in radiation protection methodologies for non-human biota, the GAPRAD project.

StrålevernRapport 2011:10 Enhancement of Regulatory Supervision of the nuclear legacy in northwest Russia: involving the military authorities


This report describes work carried out within the cooperation programme between the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority and the Directorate of State Supervision for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation performed in 2008-2009. It focuses on development of improved regulatory documents and supervision procedures for handling spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste at facilities that are no longer used by the Russian Federation Navy but that are still under military supervision and control.

StrålevernRapport 8:2011: Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive


Rapporten inneholder nasjonal rapport fra Norge til det fjerde tilsynsmøtet til Felleskonvensjonen om sikker håndtering av brukt brensel og sikker håndtering av radioaktivt avfall som blir avholdt 14. -23. mai 2012.

StrålevernRapport 2011:7 Progress Report on the Regulatory Cooperation Program between the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority and the Federal Medical Biological Agency of Russia


This report describes work carried out in 2008–2009 under the NRPA – Federal Medical-Biological Agency regulatory support program. It focuses on development of improved regulatory documents and supervision of remediation activities due to be carried out at Andreyev Bay, Saida Bay and Gremikha in Northwest Russia. The work program for 2010–2011 is also introduced.

StrålevernRapport 2011:5 Threat Assessment Report


Denne rapporten er basert på trusselvurderinger som har blitt utført i de sentralasiatiske landene, og beskriver de eksisterende regelverksproblemene i områder med atomarv og hvilke regelverk som bør utvikles innen prosjektets rammeverk.

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