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The Nuclear Preparedness Organisation

The Nuclear Preparedness Organisation consists of the Crisis Committee for Nuclear Preparedness, the Crisis Committee’s Advisors, the Crisis Committee’s Secretariat (the NRPA), the Crisis Committee’s Information Group and the County Governors including the District Governor of Svalbard. The Preparedness Organisation is authorised by the Royal Decree of 17 February 2006. Nuclear Preparedness – National and Regional Organisation.

The Crisis Committee for Nuclear Preparedness is represented by the following central authorities: the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA), The Ministry of Defence, The Norwegian Directorate of Health, The Norwegian Food Safety Authority, The National Police Directorate, The Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning. The NRPA is head of and Secretariat for the Crisis Committee.

The Nuclear Preparedness Organisation is established in order to make special expertise available for the management of nuclear incidents and to provide for rapid implementation of measures to protect life, health, environment and other important public interests. Nuclear incidents include both accidents and incidents resulting from intentional actions during peacetime and during political security crises/war. In the event of a nuclear incident or when a nuclear incident cannot be ruled out, and it may affect Norway or touch Norwegian interests, the Crisis Committee shall ensure the coordination of efforts and information. The Crisis Committee has authority to implement previously determined measures during the acute phase of a nuclear incident.

The Crisis Committee’s Advisors comprises representatives from institutions and agencies with special competence relating to nuclear preparedness. In the event of a nuclear incident, the advisors shall be a skilled support for the Crisis Committee. The Crisis Committee and the advisors shall build up, maintain and coordinate nuclear preparedness through contact with authorities at every level, exchange information between member institutions, assess the threat picture and carry out exercises.

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority is the Secretariat for the Crisis Committee. In the daily preparedness work, the Secretariat shall carry out courses, exercises and build up good lines of communication in the preparedness organisation. In case of a nuclear incident, the NRPA shall obtain and work with information and data on measurement, prepare prognoses and overview of the situation, together with placing a motion for action .

A separate Information Group (KU-info) shall assist the Crisis Committee with information management. Members are recruited from the Crisis Committee’s member agencies.

County Governors shall establish the necessary regional forum for coordinating, where affected agencies participate, and establish a plan for its function in nuclear preparedness. The County Governors are responsible for the co-ordinating, and contribute to the implementation of co-ordinated action regionally and locally in the event of a nuclear incident.