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Radiation in industry and research

Ionising radiation is employed in a number of areas in industry and research. Common to this use of radiation is that the radiation source is acquired for a special purpose, that is, it is wished to use the radiation actively in order to achieve some effect or other: for example, process control, materials control such as welding photography (industrial radiography), tracer studies, logging of wells in the oil industry, charge removal in car-painting and so forth.

When radiation is used in this way, there will always be an owner of the radiation sources, and the requirements imposed by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority are primarily directed to such owners.
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Mobile radionuclide gauges

There are several different kinds of mobile measuring equipment that utilise ionising radiation in the form of x-rays or gamma, neutron, alpha or beta radiation. Generally speaking, the radioactive sources used in this equipment are medium and low activity sealed sources, and the procurement, use and handling is required to be formally notified to NRPA in accordance with radiation protection regulations.

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Personal dosimetry service at the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) has its own personal dosimetry laboratory and offers different kinds of personal dosimetry services.
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Radioactive sealed sources used in industry

The installation and use of industrial sources normally requires only that NRPA is formally notified of the planned activity. If, however, the activity of the radioactive source exceeds a certain value, then the enterprise that will be utilising the source must be approved.
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Open radioactive sources/unsealed radioactive material

Depending on the area of use and the amount of radioactivity, the use of open radioactive sources may subject to authorisation according to section 5 of the Radiation Protection Regulations, as well as a possible obligation to notification under section 6.
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Industrial radiography

Industrial radiography entails the use of powerful radiation sources, often in open industrial premises or outdoors. Undertakings engaged in industrial radiography are therefore subject to specific requirements and official approval in accordance with the Regulations on Radiation Protection, §5.
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