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NRPA Report

StrålevernRapport 2010:13 - Consequences in Norway after a hypothetical accident at Sellafield


This report deals with the environmental consequences in Norway after a hypothetical accident at Sellafield. The investigation is limited to the terrestrial environment, and focus on animals grazing natural pastures, plus wild berries and fungi. Only 137Cs is considered. The predicted consequences are severe – in particular for mutton and goat milk production.

StrålevernRapport 2010:10 – Review of the Norwegian-Russian Cooperation on Safety Projects at Kola and Leningrad Nuclear Power Plants 2005–2009


The report reviews Norwegian-funded projects on nuclear safety at Kola and Leningrad nuclear power plants in the period 2005–2009. The report also reviews the safety level, lifetime, decommissioning plans and plans for new reactors at the two plants.

StrålevernRapport 2010:7 – Implementation of the obligations of the convention on nuclear safety in Norway


The fifth Norwegian report in accordance with Article 5 of the Convention on Nuclear Safety concludes that Norway is in compliance with its obligations under the convention.

StrålevernRapport 2010:2 - A novel dosimetric protocol for high energy photon radiotherapy beams in Norway using radiochromic film


In 2008, a master's thesis project was carried out at the NRPA, concentrating on the implementation and use of radiochromic film for dosimetric purposes in photon radiotherapy. A method for the use of radiochromic film in a clinical setting was developed and tested at 7 of Norway's 10 radiotherapy hospitals. This report contains the finished thesis in its entirety.

StrålevernRapport 2009:15 - Radioactivity in the Marine Environment 2007


Results from the Norwegian Marine Monitoring Programme (RAME)

StrålevernRapport 2009:13 - Risk and environmental impact assessments for the decommissioning of RTGs in Northwest Russia


The report gives an overview of the risk and environmental impact assessments received through the Norwegian-Russian decommissioning project of RTGs in NW Russia. A number of 180 RTGs have been removed from NW Russia between 2001–2009.

StrålevernRapport 2008:15 Floating Nuclear Power Plants and Associated Technologies in the Northern Areas


Denne rapporten gir en kortfattet oversikt over historien og utviklingen av flytende kjernekraftverk med en presentasjon og diskusjon av potensielle fremtidige implikasjoner av flytende kjernekraftverk i nordlige områder.

StrålevernRapport 2008:13 Nordic society for radiation protection - NSFS


Rapporten inneholder skriftlig versjon av innlegg på Nordisk selskap for stråleverns konferanse i Ålesund 26–30 mai 2008. Rapporten inneholder fulltekstversjon, eventuelt sammendrag, fra samtlige sesjoner, dvs: opening, medical, effect studies, natural radiation and radiation in nature, emergency preparedness, radioactive waste og nuclear safety and security.

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