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Authorities and industry working together on medical radiation protection

HERCA (the association of the Heads of European Radiological Protection Competent Authorities) and COCIR (the European association representing the medical imaging, electromedical and healthcare IT industry) are working together to reduce patient radiation exposure in computed tomography (CT). This work is being carried out through voluntary commitments developed by COCIR at HERCA’s initiative.
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The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority proposes to renew the license for the OECD Halden Reactor

A number of conditions for a renewed license are proposed by the NRPA. One of the prerequisites for a new license is that the on-going preventive safety work at Halden reactor is strengthened and anchored in a comprehensive management -controlled safety culture.
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Nordic countries have agreed upon joint protection guidelines for

The Nordic radiation and nuclear safety authorities have now published joint, generic guidelines for protective measures concerning population and functions of society in case of nuclear or radiological emergencies. The guidelines are agreed by authorities in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
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Vacancy: Head of Section for Research, NRPA

We are looking for a person with a PhD degree preferably within the fields of environmental toxicology, ecology, radioecology, population dynamics, nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, health physics, and some years relevant experience as a project manager of research projects.
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Exposure from mobile phones, base stations and wireless networks

basestasjonStatement by the Nordic authorities: The overall data published in the scientific literature to date do not show adverse health effects from exposure of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields below the guidelines or limits adopted in the Nordic countries. Download the statement here.

Nuclear safety cooperation between Norway and Romania under EEA and Norway Grants

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, the Romanian National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control and the International Atomic Energy Agency have entered into an agreement with the main purpose to enhance regulatory competence in Romania. The project is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2013 and will be completed in 2016.
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