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  • NRPA Report is a publication for description, analysis or evaluation witin the NRPA's fields.
  • NRPA Bulletin is a current newsletter. Each bulletin concentrates on one theme over 1-4 pages.
  • Technical Document is a technical/scientific publication series focusing on measurement techniques, dose assessment, calibration and laboratory procedures.
  • Other publications: Various publications published by the NRPA.

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  Title Topic Date ▼ Download Type
+ NRPA Report 2016:7 Regulatory support in radiation safety and radioactive waste management in Central Asia Uranium 23.06.2016 Download NRPA Report
  This report describes work carried out between 2013 and 2015 within NRPA cooperation and support to Central Asian authorities in enhancement of regulatory base in the area of radiation safety of nuclear and uranium legacy sites.
+ StrålevernRapport 2016:5: Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites from Recognition to Resolution: Report of an international workshop. 31.03.2016 Download NRPA Report
  This report describes the presentations and discussions from the workshop, which also resulted in the identifi-cation of further research and cooperation needs. NRPA has substantial bi-lateral cooperation experience with the Russian Federation, central Asian countries and Ukraine with special focus on radiation and nuclear legacy problems. The objective of the last workshop was to promote the sharing of experience on practical regulation of a wide range of nuclear and radiation legacies.
+ StrålevernRapport 2016:4: Regulatory Cooperation Program between Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority and Russian Federation. Results of projects completed from 2010 to 2015. 18.03.2016 Download NRPA Report
  This report describes work carried out between 2010 and 2015 within the regulatory cooperation program of the NRPA and Russian Federation. It focuses on development of improved regulatory documents, procedures and other features of supervision of remediation activities being carried out at the Site for Temporary Storage of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste at Andreev’s Bay and related facilities in northwest Russia.
+ NRPA Report 2016:2 Scales for Post-closure Assessment Scenarios (SPACE) Radioactivity in the environment 25.02.2016 Download NRPA Report
  This report presents the results of a study called SPACE - Scales for Post-closure Assessment Scenarios to address the issue of averaging scales within long-term non-human biota dose assessments for radioactive waste disposal facilities.
+ StrålevernInfo 10:2015 Cooperation between Norwegian and Russian Regulatory Authorities Nuclear action plan 10.11.2015 Download NRPA Bulletin
  The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) has cooperated for over 10 years with its sister authorities in the Russian Federation in the area of regulatory enhancement of nuclear safety culture and radiation protection concerning legacy sites and facilities.
+ StrålevernInfo 09:2015 Regulatory Cooperation Program in Ukraine Nuclear action plan 10.11.2015 Download StrålevernInfo
  On 18 November 2014 an agreement was signed by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority and the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine. This agreement set up a bilateral regulatory cooperation program under which the parties will exchange technical information and cooperate in the fields of nuclear and radiation safety and security.
+ StrålevernInfo 08:2015 Prevention of the Smuggling of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials at the Ukraine-Moldova Border Nuclear action plan 03.11.2015 Download NRPA Bulletin
  In June 2014, the Department of Energy (DOE) of the United States and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) entitled «Cooperation on Nonproliferation Assistance». The MOU specifically cites the detection and deterrence of illicit trafficking of nuclear materials across international borders.
+ StrålevernRapport 2015:13 Radiation Doses to the Norwegian Population Radioactivity in the environment 02.11.2015 Download StrålevernRapport
  This report presents average radiation doses received by the Norwegian population from different sources of medical radiation, cosmic radiation, and from naturally occurring and artificial radioactivity in the environment and food. Examples of population groups with elevated exposure are also presented.
+ Teknisk dokument 7 Absorbed doses to water for x-ray dosimetry on a PXI X-RAD 225 Part I – Measurements Dosimetry 12.10.2015 Download Teknisk dokument
  For a tube potential of 225 kV, current of 10 mA and source-to-surface distance (SSD) of 50 cm, the absorbed dose rate to water on the central field axis at a depth of 2 g/cm2 of water in the 21.0 cm×21.0 cm×11.5 cm water phantom was (1.16±0.02) Gy/min.
+ StrålevernInfo 7:2015: Nuclear safety cooperation between Norway and Romania under Norway Grants International cooperation 11.09.2015 Download StrålevernInfo
  The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, the Romanian National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control and the International Atomic Energy Agency are enhancing the regulatory competence in Romania. The project started in the end of 2013 and will be completed in 2017.