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  • NRPA Report is a publication for description, analysis or evaluation witin the NRPA's fields.
  • NRPA Bulletin is a current newsletter. Each bulletin concentrates on one theme over 1-4 pages.
  • Technical Document is a technical/scientific publication series focusing on measurement techniques, dose assessment, calibration and laboratory procedures.
  • Other publications: Various publications published by the NRPA.

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  Title Topic Date ▼ Download Type
+ StrålevernHefte 30: Nuclear Preparedness:Central and Regional Organisation Preparedness 20.03.2017 Download Publications
+ NRPA Bulletin 2:2017 NRPA regulatory cooperation program Nuclear action plan 02.03.2017 Download NRPA Bulletin
  The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) is involved in the enhancement of regulatory regimes, in the areas of nuclear safety, radiation protection and environmental protection in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. For several years, NRPA has also been involved in regulatory cooperation with the former soviet republics in Central Asia- Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.
+ StrålevernRapport 2017:2 Ionising radiation metrology infrastructure in Europe Dosimetry 18.01.2017 Download StrålevernRapport
  A survey in European counties’ regulations about IR metrology regulations and calibration requirements in radiation protection legislation.
+ NRPA Bulletin 10:2016 Radiological impact assessment associated with hypothetical accident scenarios for the nuclear submarine K-27 Nuclear action plan 07.12.2016 Download NRPA Bulletin
  There is increasing concern over potential radioactive contamination of the Arctic due to the presence of a wide range of nuclear and radiological sources within this region.
+ NRPA Report 2016:8 Environmental modelling and radiological impact assessment associated with hypothetical accident scenarios for the nuclear submarine K-27 Nuclear action plan 07.12.2016 Download NRPA Report
  The report presents the second part of the work related to radiological impact assessment of the dumped Russian nuclear submarine K-27. Broadly, the report can be divided into two parts; the first part focusing on the dispersion of radioactivity in the environment and its fate with regards to exposure situations relevant for environmental impact assessments and the second part focusing on the consequences of releases of radioactivity into the environment and calculation of doses.
+ Section High North NRPA 25.11.2016 Download Other publications
  A brief presentation of Section High North
+ NRPA Bulletin 09:16 Ukrainian Regulatory Threat Assessment Nuclear action plan 11.10.2016 Download NRPA Bulletin
  The «Ukrainian Regulatory Threat Assessment» report was one of the first activities in the framework of the bilateral cooperation in nuclear and radiation safety between the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU) and Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA).
+ The government`s action plan for nuclear activites and the environment in the northern area 23.09.2016 Download Andre publikasjoner
  For 20 years, the Norwegian-Russian Collaboration has produced concrete and measurable results that have made life safer for the People of Norway and Russia. In this booklet, you will find a summary of the Norwegian initiatives in recent years.
+ StrålevernRapport 2016:10: Ukrainian Regulatory Threat Assessment: identifying priorities for improving supervision of nuclear and radiation safety and security 08.07.2016 Download NRPA Report
+ StrålevernRapport 2016:9: Tjøtta – ICRP reference site in Norway 07.07.2016 Download NRPA Report
  Description of a Norwegian ICRP reference site at Tjøtta/Alstahaug. The reported data concern all 12 ICRP RAP and include concentration ratios (CR) for around 50 stable and radioactive elements.