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  • Only solariums classified as UV type 3 according to the European standard EN 60335-2-27 are allowed for cosmetic use in Norway.

  • All companies or organisations offering solariums for cosmetic purposes for sale, lease or use must notify the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority.

  • Equivalency coding


    From 1 May 2014, only fluorescent UV lamps (tubes) with equivalency codes are permitted, and all solariums must have equivalency code ranges. The lists of tubes allowed for each model, including the lists of so-called replacement tubes, have been rem…

  • 18-year age limit


    From 1 July 2012, no solarium for cosmetic purposes may be offered to persons under the age of 18 years. The 18-year age limit was introduced because the use of tanning equipment increases the risk of skin cancer, and the risk is greatest if you …

  • Use of solarium


    There are some essential differences between sunbathing and the use of solariums. The UV radiation from solariums is more intense than the radiation from the sun in Norway. Measurements have shown large differences in output from one solarium to anot…

  • The NRPA is the responsible authority for radiation from solariums in Norway. As an owner of a solarium, there are several requirements and regulations that apply to you.

  • The NRPA is the responsible authority for radiation from solariums in Norway, according to the Act and Regulations on Radiation Protection and Use of Radiation. There are several requirements that you, as a distributor of solariums, have to comply wi…

  • The regulations for radiation protection and the use of radiation came into effect on 1 January 2004. Under the provisions of these regulations, authority was delegated to the municipalities to carry out inspections of artificial tanning equipment an…


  • The Finnish, Swedish, Icelandic and Norwegian Radiation Safety Authorities recommend prohibition of use of sunbeds for people under the age of 18 years.